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Why make only $50/hour or less as a clinical nurse? Legal Nurse Consulting is a fantastic supplement to your current income while providing a very stimulating area of work. No case is ever the same. You could make over $100,000/year part-time! I did for the past 25 years! With no “legal consulting certification”. This is done on the side, at home in your spare time. Take back control of your career and income, and become a legal nurse consultant! Be appreciated by attorneys and families, and gain the financial independence that nurses deserve!


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Chapter 1

Let’s Begin Your LNC Path!

Chapter 2

Getting Into the Case

Chapter 11

Bullet Proof Report Development

Chapter 3

Report Analysis

Chapter 4

Affidavits of Merit Structure & Development

Chapter 5

Prepare to Testify in a Deposition Confidently

Chapter 6

Pitfalls to Avoid

Chapter 7

Avoid Common Mistakes

Chapter 8

Trial preparation: You Got This!

Chapter 12

Marketing Your New Skills to Atorneys

Chapter 9

Starting Your Business and Making $$$

Chapter 10

You Are Ready to Go!

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I was so glad to find out that an expensive certification was not needed to Enter this lucrative field. I've already had 2 Cases and made $4,700 within weeks of taking This course. Thank you!

Legal nurse consultant
John Martino, RN Belleville, NJ

Wow! This course was straight-forward And to the point. I got all the info I needed and Have already started with several Attorney clients in my state. So exciting! Glad I did not go with the expensive so-called "certification” programs. This was well within my budget.

Legal nurse consultant
Susan Thomas, RN New York, NY

So lucky to have found this program “The 6-Figure Nurse Expert!” I got so much information and it helped me set up my business fast! I highly recommend this! My first case came within 1 month of taking the course and I made $2,800 on that one case!

Legal nurse consultant
Jessica Williams, NP Garden Grove, CA

I almost bought a very expensive course offering A certification. I learned in this course that I am already an expert and how to construct effective reports that attorney’s will pay for. This course was well worth it and the materials are fantastic. No regrets!

Legal nurse consultant
Jose Garcia, RN Ft. Lauderdale, FL


    This course is for those Nurses who want to improve their work and financial life by doing legalcase work form home. Nurses can get all the information they need to be able to get their firstcase in an easy online learn at your own pace style. There is no fluff in this course. Just thestraight information you will need via videos, text, and downloads. I did this for 25 years and so can you!

    You will have access to this course permanently. That’s right, LIFETIME ACCESS. All materials are downloadable for registrants.

    Mentorships are limited to 25 registrants per group and last 6 months. With this, you will have
    access to personal mentoring by me, by phone, email and Zoom meetings to help you get
    started landing cases and growing your business!